The electronic water treatment system calmat prevents scale and rust deposits in pipes and devices. The unit is installed on the main water supply (e.g. close to the water meter)

The electronic control unit can be attached directly on to the pipe. This can be done either horizontally and vertically. It may also be placed on the wall.

Calamat® Easy Installation

Use these easy to follow installation guides to better water and cleaner pipes in your house today.

Step 1
Place calmat on the pipe. Install calmat on the main water pipe and fix the electronic unit with the cable your house today.
Step 2
Now place the red impulse cable in the left socket . Feed the cable to the back of the pipe and fasten with a cable tie. Wind the cable tightly and firmly around the pipe to create a coil. Plug the second impulse tie through the black loop at the end of the cable and fasten it.

Repeat the installation with the second impulse cable.
Step 3
First connect the adaptor with the electronic unit with the socket on the left site of the device. Plug the mains plug into the power socket (permissible voltage: 87 - 260 V, 50/60 Hz). The green control light will light up. The display will show: calmat

Step 4
Set up your program:
Please choose your language with the upper button (>). Then press the button (P) to select the program according to your pipe material and pipe diameter (a,b,c, or d). You can change the program selection at any time later.

Pipe Dimension Chart:
a) Metal pipe  Ø max 1“
b) Metal pipe  Ø max 1 ½“
c) Plastic pipe Ø max 1“
d) Plastic pipe Ø max 1 ½“